From December 2014

Disarming Power Plays

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Social situations can involve power plays that can crush your confidence. These especially occur in group situations, where other people want to gain social status and try to do so at your expense. Eventually, you should develop enough self-esteem to shrug off these power plays entirely and effortlessly. In the meantime, it is fruitful to learn methods of disarming …

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7 Lessons from DotA 2


Video games can be an incredibly rich source for life lessons. This post concerns the video game Defense of the Ancients 2 (DotA 2), which I play frequently and poorly. About ten minutes ago, I got the urge to play for a few hours; instead, I’m deciding to turn that impulse into a strength and use it as …

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3 Lessons from Cambodian Kids


People are confident until conditioned otherwise. The default state for humanity seems to be one of self-assurance.* Most children, as soon as they attain a reasonable level of self-awareness and capability, practically exude confidence. They will approach strangers without hesitation, make demands of their parents, and throw themselves into new activities. This confidence will slowly …

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Entrepreneurial Mindsets


Successful mindsets are defined by proactiveness. If you want to be successful by any metric, including the development of genuine confidence, you need to pursue control over yourself and your life. In some ways, this is high risk – you will take more chances and inevitably fail more. The endgame, however, is low risk. Just as a …

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Rationalisation can be viewed as an imperfect defense mechanism. This process essentially involves creating plausible but ultimately incorrect justifications for a certain action, emotion, or way of thinking. These can be voiced to others, but most of the time rationalisations are purely internal. Unless someone is particularly skilled at doublethink, the mind will probably not fully …

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