From January 2015

How to Love Yourself (3 Perspectives that Build Self-Love)


Confidence can be built through self-love and acceptance. In Part 2 of this series, I suggested that personal development is a great way to build confidence; when you meet your own expectations and consider yourself a meaningfully improved person, your confidence can’t help but skyrocket. The more you have to love about yourself, the easier self-love …

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How to Improve Yourself (100 Tips for a Better Life)

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Confidence can be built through personal development. In Part 1 of this series, I urged you to develop a self-esteem development plan. Part of that plan should constitute personal development. Most people lack confidence because they feel they lack a certain trait or possession; they feel they would be confident if only they could talk …

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How to Build Confidence (5 Steps to Develop Self-Esteem)


Confidence can be built by using self-analysis and effective planning. If you take one lesson away from this site, a good candidate would be “building confidence is not a homogeneous affair”. Everybody has different identities, psyches, and needs that make it impossible to find an ideal solution that works for everyone. (If someone preaches one, I …

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Fashion is Bunk

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Your clothing and accessories barely impact your social standing. Savvy marketers create the illusion that certain clothes (not-so-coincidentally the more expensive ones) will drastically improve your reputation and attractiveness. Buying into this gimmick will throw you into a rat race, constantly trying to keep up with new trends and feeling deep insecurity when your fail …

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Honesty is Easier


Lying to protect your confidence will eventually kick you in the ass. You will probably be caught out eventually; someone will detect an inconsistency, or you’ll forget you ever told a lie. This will embarrass you and lose you friends. Whenever you have to maintain the lie, you will be reminded that you sacrificed your …

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Imposter Syndrome, Physics, and Facebook


Feeling like a fraud can shatter your confidence. Sometimes, you will genuinely be among those objectively better in some regard than yourself. The remedy is to either improve or accept yourself accordingly. At other times you may experience imposter syndrome, where you are factually competent (or at least of average merit) yet cannot convince yourself …

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Take Responsiblity


Your confidence is your responsibility, and no-one else’s. Nobody and nothing* can make you feel good or bad without your subconscious permission; your emotions are the product of chemical and physical interactions in your brain, not theirs. If someone else can make you feel afraid, or upset, or angry, it is because your perspectives on life give …

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Everybody is Staring at Me

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If you regularly feel everybody is noticing your flaws, you are likely paranoid and incorrect. Of course, sometimes people really are staring at you for a negative reason. If you’re stumbling around drunk, or have shit your pants, or are yelling expletives at the police, crowds will quickly focus their attention on you. If, however, you’re not …

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Be Prepared


Confidence involves believing yourself capable, which can be developed through solid preparation. Planning is advisable for success generally, and confidence is no exception. If you want to be more confident for a specific event or experience, and you have the opportunity to prepare in advance, do so. The obvious benefit is that expert preparation maximises your …

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