From February 2015

The 1am Motivation Boost


After a wasted day, you might find yourself become suddenly motivated before sleep. Most people naturally recap their day while lying in bed, particularly experiences they were emotionally invested in. (Try getting to sleep after getting fired, for example!) If you’re interested in personal development but wasted an entire day, you will dwell on it …

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FREE: 50x Random Challenge Generator BETA


Get one of only 50 FREE COPIES of the Random Challenge Generator here. This product generates a kickass challenge from 100+ possible activities, split across six fundamental regions of personal development – Cleanliness, Discipline, Education, Fitness, Social, and Wealth. With a single mouseclick, the program plans your next challenge for you; all you have to do is go …

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The Self-Esteem Landscape


Self-esteem can be envisioned as a landscape of possible values. Each potential altitude within this landscape represents a different level of confidence; a peak represents good emotions, while a valley represents negative emotions. Horizontal movement across the landscape is the result of changing knowledge, beliefs, thoughts, and actions. This landscape is constructed from each individual’s worldview …

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FREE: Bodyweight Workout Generator

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This tool allows you to create a random bodyweight workout. Bodyweight exercises have a number of inherent advantages over other forms of exercise or resistance training; they can be performed virtually anywhere, are relatively low-impact for your joints, and naturally translate to real world skills like climbing a ledge. You don’t have to work around …

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How to Always be Happy (5 Principles of Detachment)


Confidence can be built by learning how to always be happy. In Part 4 of this series, I told you how the previous three parts (regarding planning, self-improvement, and self-acceptance) support the creation of a strong identity. These concepts are vital for developing self-esteem, but also somewhat insular and egocentric; the focus was constantly on how I could improve myself, …

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How to Create an Identity (10 Step Character Construction)


Confidence can be built by creating a strong identity. In Part 3 of this series, I discussed the last of three pillars of confidence; the creation and iteration of plans, self-improvement, and self-acceptance. Together, these aspects also support the creation of a strong identity. Forming a robust conception and expression of your individuality is a prerequisite for feelings of congruence …

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