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The Notch System


“Fake it till you make it” is valuable advice, but difficult to accomplish. The idea is that by demonstrating useful behaviours (such as pretending to be a confident person), you slowly build a lifestyle that is congruent with that behaviour. This alters your personality and makes it easier for you to exhibit those behaviours naturally, having …

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How to Always be Happy (5 Principles of Detachment)


Confidence can be built by learning how to always be happy. In Part 4 of this series, I told you how the previous three parts (regarding planning, self-improvement, and self-acceptance) support the creation of a strong identity. These concepts are vital for developing self-esteem, but also somewhat insular and egocentric; the focus was constantly on how I could improve myself, …

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How to Create an Identity (10 Step Character Construction)


Confidence can be built by creating a strong identity. In Part 3 of this series, I discussed the last of three pillars of confidence; the creation and iteration of plans, self-improvement, and self-acceptance. Together, these aspects also support the creation of a strong identity. Forming a robust conception and expression of your individuality is a prerequisite for feelings of congruence …

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How to Love Yourself (3 Perspectives that Build Self-Love)


Confidence can be built through self-love and acceptance. In Part 2 of this series, I suggested that personal development is a great way to build confidence; when you meet your own expectations and consider yourself a meaningfully improved person, your confidence can’t help but skyrocket. The more you have to love about yourself, the easier self-love …

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How to Improve Yourself (100 Tips for a Better Life)

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Confidence can be built through personal development. In Part 1 of this series, I urged you to develop a self-esteem development plan. Part of that plan should constitute personal development. Most people lack confidence because they feel they lack a certain trait or possession; they feel they would be confident if only they could talk …

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How to Build Confidence (5 Steps to Develop Self-Esteem)


Confidence can be built by using self-analysis and effective planning. If you take one lesson away from this site, a good candidate would be “building confidence is not a homogeneous affair”. Everybody has different identities, psyches, and needs that make it impossible to find an ideal solution that works for everyone. (If someone preaches one, I …

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Honesty is Easier


Lying to protect your confidence will eventually kick you in the ass. You will probably be caught out eventually; someone will detect an inconsistency, or you’ll forget you ever told a lie. This will embarrass you and lose you friends. Whenever you have to maintain the lie, you will be reminded that you sacrificed your …

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