From Failure

Break Your Frameworks

Broken Framework Image

This article will give a brief overview of “analysis paralysis”, its solution, and a more appropriate method for analysis of self-improvement frameworks. In the context of self-improvement, analysis paralysis refers to a state of overthinking which prevents one from actually acting to improve their life, and serves as a barrier to experiencing positive emotions and …

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Graceful Failure Modes


Within this post, we’ll define an “identity failure” as incongruence between your mental image of reality and your actual experiences. When such an identity failure becomes particularly prominent or visceral, you become aware of this cognitive dissonance and typically suffer emotional harm. A simple example would be arriving home to find your supposedly faithful spouse of two decades …

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Take Responsiblity


Your confidence is your responsibility, and no-one else’s. Nobody and nothing* can make you feel good or bad without your subconscious permission; your emotions are the product of chemical and physical interactions in your brain, not theirs. If someone else can make you feel afraid, or upset, or angry, it is because your perspectives on life give …

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