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Graceful Failure Modes


Within this post, we’ll define an “identity failure” as incongruence between your mental image of reality and your actual experiences. When such an identity failure becomes particularly prominent or visceral, you become aware of this cognitive dissonance and typically suffer emotional harm. A simple example would be arriving home to find your supposedly faithful spouse of two decades …

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The Notch System


“Fake it till you make it” is valuable advice, but difficult to accomplish. The idea is that by demonstrating useful behaviours (such as pretending to be a confident person), you slowly build a lifestyle that is congruent with that behaviour. This alters your personality and makes it easier for you to exhibit those behaviours naturally, having …

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Motivation Through Electrodynamics


Here’s a simple reframe I used today to boost my confidence. I’m taking a class on computational physics this semester, the kind used to model stars and galaxies with differential equations. We’ll be using a Linux based operating system and programming in C… neither of which are famliar to me. As others in the class …

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The 1am Motivation Boost


After a wasted day, you might find yourself become suddenly motivated before sleep. Most people naturally recap their day while lying in bed, particularly experiences they were emotionally invested in. (Try getting to sleep after getting fired, for example!) If you’re interested in personal development but wasted an entire day, you will dwell on it …

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The Self-Esteem Landscape


Self-esteem can be envisioned as a landscape of possible values. Each potential altitude within this landscape represents a different level of confidence; a peak represents good emotions, while a valley represents negative emotions. Horizontal movement across the landscape is the result of changing knowledge, beliefs, thoughts, and actions. This landscape is constructed from each individual’s worldview …

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