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Cialdini’s Six Principles


Robert Cialdini’s six principles of influence affect your confidence. His book, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, details how these principles encourage people to take certain actions or have particular thoughts. The book’s popularity owes to the subtlety of the principles; a skillful marketer or politician can apply the principles almost invisibly, or in such a way that it …

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Motivation Through Electrodynamics


Here’s a simple reframe I used today to boost my confidence. I’m taking a class on computational physics this semester, the kind used to model stars and galaxies with differential equations. We’ll be using a Linux based operating system and programming in C… neither of which are famliar to me. As others in the class …

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The Self-Esteem Landscape


Self-esteem can be envisioned as a landscape of possible values. Each potential altitude within this landscape represents a different level of confidence; a peak represents good emotions, while a valley represents negative emotions. Horizontal movement across the landscape is the result of changing knowledge, beliefs, thoughts, and actions. This landscape is constructed from each individual’s worldview …

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Fashion is Bunk

SS-Attractive Man-024

Your clothing and accessories barely impact your social standing. Savvy marketers create the illusion that certain clothes (not-so-coincidentally the more expensive ones) will drastically improve your reputation and attractiveness. Buying into this gimmick will throw you into a rat race, constantly trying to keep up with new trends and feeling deep insecurity when your fail …

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Everybody is Staring at Me

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If you regularly feel everybody is noticing your flaws, you are likely paranoid and incorrect. Of course, sometimes people really are staring at you for a negative reason. If you’re stumbling around drunk, or have shit your pants, or are yelling expletives at the police, crowds will quickly focus their attention on you. If, however, you’re not …

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